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After graduating from Boston Latin School in 1967, I attended Boston College. There, I majored in English and Comparative Religion, graduating in 1971. I then attended Suffolk Law School where I received the degree of Juris Doctor Cum Laude in 1974.

I began practicing law in downtown Boston, following a family tradition. I also accepted a teaching position in Suffolk Law School in 1975, where I became an Executive Director of Legal Assistance, lecturing in Family Law Practice and Trial Tactics. I taught a clinical course for 3rd year law students, running a legal assistance bureau in Charlestown, representing battered women from the inner city.

When not practicing law, I teach martial arts. I am the Founder and Chief Instructor of Black Sword Aikido. My approach and philosophy in mediating is heavily influenced by my aikido training. I have been practicing aikido for 43 years, and I hold a Godan, 5th Degree, black belt from Aikikai Hombu, as well as black belts and instructor ranks in other martial arts. In other words, I tend to use the aikido techniques of entering, blending and moving off the line to diffuse resistance, resentment, and anger, and to allow for the possibility of reconciliation.

I am also a magician and mystery entertainer. I am a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Order of Merlin Excelsior, a Life Member and Chair of the Insurance Committee of the Society of American Magicians, a member of the Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick, 6th Degree Magus, and President of the Granite State Magicians.

I am admitted to practice law in NHMA, and VT, although I currently am not active in VT. I have tried more than 1,000 cases in the last 43 years. I was a member of the CJA Panel for the US District Court, District of NH, 2004-2010, qualified to represent criminal defendants in general and complex crimes.

I am a certified Guardian ad Litem in NH and the President of the NH Guardian ad Litem Association. I am a Certified Family Mediator.

I have published and lectured in the areas of law, stress, comparative religion, and the martial arts and currently teach online for University of Phoenix.


Attorney Caulfield maintains a general practice of law in NH & MA and provides services from drafting will and trusts to creating partnership agreements and LLCs.

He is also a trial attorney and has obtained many large verdicts and settlements for his clients in everything from exploding propane tanks and wrongful death actions to multi-vehicle collisions and slip and falls. In his family law practice, Mr. Caulfield has fought for his clients’ rights all the way to the State Supreme Court. His criminal success record ranges from obtaining acquittals for his clients in murder and rape trials through wining dismissals of drug trafficking and DUI/DWI/OUI charges.

In addition, he is a mediator, guardian ad litem and collaborative law practitioner and brings the added value of over 40 years in the courtroom observing how courts decide cases and what litigation costs. A highly ranked martial arts instructor, Joseph uses aikido principles to diffuse resistance and anger, and facilitate resolution.


I have represented clients for more than 40 years. I do not represent banks or insurance companies; instead I represent people and those with small businesses. I pledge my uncompromised loyalty to my clients and give each client unique needs my undivided attention.

  • I represent my clients with skill, commitment and courage. Although I believe my clients are often better served through other methods of dispute resolution rather than by litigation, I will fight for my clients.
  • I represent clients proactively, not reactively. I understand that my clients trust me with matters important to them. I keep my clients fully informed of events in their cases and respond promptly to phone messages, emails, and correspondence.
  • I remain on the cutting edge of technology which gives me a decided advantage over yesterday’s practitioners.
  • I charge rates for my services which are competitive with any other firm and give detailed accounting of my fees.
  • My firm is a business for profit. However, I do not limit profit to mean money alone. I run my firm in such a fashion that all our members profit physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually, as well as financially.