I have represented clients for more than 30 years. I do not represent banks or insurance companies; instead I represent people and those with small businesses. I pledge my uncompromised loyalty to my clients and give each client unique needs my undivided attention.

I represent my clients with skill, commitment and courage. Although I believe my clients are often better served through other methods of dispute resolution rather than by litigation, I will fight for my clients.

I represent clients proactively, not reactively. I understand that my clients trust me with matters important to them. I keep my clients fully informed of events in their cases and respond promptly to phone messages, emails, and correspondence.

I remain on the cutting edge of technology which gives me a decided advantage over yesterday’s practitioners.

I charge rates for my services which are competitive with any other firm and give detailed accounting of my fees.

My firm is a business for profit. However, I do not limit profit to mean money alone. I run my firm in such a fashion that all our members profit physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually, as well as financially.