The statistics of how many spouses are committing sexual adultery are disputed, with studies concluding from 25% to 50%.

However, statistics conclude that 31% of spouses are committing financial adultery, defined as lying to their spouses about money, according to a recent study commissioned by ForbesWoman and the National Endowment for Financial Education.

In my experience representing victims who have suffered both marital wrongs, financial misconduct can be more destruction than physical misconduct, and have much longer effects.

Some signals that your partner may be cheating financially:

Changes Topic Away From Money

Easily Becomes Defensive After a Money Question

Insists On Handling Finances Alone

Lies To Others About Money

Parents Have Unhealthy Money Relationship

Spending Is Inconsistent With Income

You Have a Negative Gut Feeling

A Sudden Change In Behavior

Browser History Is Frequently Empty

You’ve Caught Them Before


Sometimes, if the amounts of missing funds involved warrant it, I will recommend that my clients hire a forensic detective to prove the misconduct. Other times, targeted Discovery Requests will prove sufficient.