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The family motto “Deo Duce Ferro Comitante” has been translated here as “God guides my sword” but a more common translation of “Deo Duce Ferro Comitante” given is “With God as my leader and my sword as my companion.”

Joseph Caulfield
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can you offer me free legal advice on this website?

A. Not a whole lot. Most people don't have generic questions. Most people come to me with a specific legal issue, and I give advice specific to their issue. Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

Q. What’s involved in a Divorce?

A. Depending on the case and level of cooperation between the parties, it can either be very simple and be done quickly or require costly and complex family law litigation that can take over a year.

Q. My spouse and I want to cooperate with our divorce. We just need a little help from a lawyer. Can you do that for us?

A. When acting as a lawyer, I can only represent and give legal advice to one party in a divorce. When acting as a mediator, I can attempt to facilitate an agreement between the parties and aid in the completion of the necessary forms. However, when acting as a mediator, I must remain neutral and I cannot represent or give legal advice to either party.