We all want our kids to be safe when they’re in school, or anywhere, but at what cost?
How many school shootings have there been in the US? How many schools are there in the US? Considering that, how great a problem is this really? How many more freedoms are we willing to give up to “fix” this? Strip search our kids? Sky Marshals in every classroom? How much money are we willing to pay to “fix” this perceived problem? $500 more in taxes? $1000 more in taxes?

I was engaged by some parents a few years back whose son was suspended for drawing a picture of a handgun against the school’s “zero tolerance” policy.
I called up the principal, identified myself, and complimented him on his proactive stance.
He appeared confused, so I explained that if he had not suspended my clients’ child, who knows what next could have happened?
The child could have next drawn a rifle. Then, a grenade launcher. Perhaps, followed by a tank. Before we knew it, we’d have nuclear winter!
The child was reinstated forthwith.

Shouldn’t we set policy, and live one’s life, considering probabilities, not possibilities?
Considering the number of kids who play with toy guns, how many accidentally mistake real guns for toy guns and shoot each other?
Considering how many kids watch wrestling, how many mistakenly kill each other with wrestling moves?
For children ages 5-14, all kinds of unintentional injury combined only account for about 4% of deaths.
As adults, it’s far, far more likely we’ll kill ourselves driving to work or walking in our bathroom, than be shot.
And, when we die, it’s far, far more likely from a heart decease or from cancer, than from misadventure.

No one gets out of her alive, you know. Eighty years, give or take, and we’re gone. How do we want to spend those 80 years? What do we not want to be able to do?